• Functional and evolutionary analyses of genomic sequences
  • Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to detect disease variants
  • Enhancing QTL studies with genomic scans
  • Structure-based protein modeling for drug discovery

Analyses of
molecular data

  • Bio-statistics and modeling for genomics and -omics
  • Bio-programming in a language of choice
  • Genome assembly and gene annotation
  • Homology inference and sequence alignment
  • Detecting protein adaptation and conservation

Learn to analyse
molecular data

  • Build electronic digital libraries and submission systems
  • Build electronic encyclopedias
  • Build mobile digital libraries

Build electronic libraries,
scientific databases
and encyclopedias


Our Mission

Bringing computational and statistical approaches to the advantage of biological and medical research teams in order to understand their data.

Simply post your problem on our BIO-LOGIC network to get an advice of one of the top experts specializing in the field.

To make this happen we maintain a global community network of experts in statistical and computational analyses of molecular data together with scientific software engineers.

Our experts are scientists with established reputation in the field. They can tailor and present courses according to your needs.

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