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It is hard to imagine modern biological sciences without analyzing BIG DATA from next generation sequencing (NGS), high-throughput proteomics and imaging technologies.

With large complex data at hand, computational approaches become indispensable. Empower your research by learning from big data:

What hidden patterns and complex dependencies can be derived? What biological hypotheses can be formulated based on the observed?

Dependent on your data and the biological system, our experts will advise which questions to ask and will lead you not only to detect previously unknown relationships, but also suggest how to use big data exploration to define new biological hypotheses.

For a quick advice on how to best extract information from you data, get in touch with one of our experts. Just indicate your data type and, briefly, the motivation (or a question) for your research. Your request will be assigned to our specialists with internationally recognized reputation. Our experts will be able to recommend most suitable types of analyses for your data.

Standard analyses usually require two independent experts: one performing the task and one validating the work. This ensures best quality of analyses for our clients.

See below for examples of questions to ask from your data:

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